Business Testimonials


Many small business owners know that it's important for their employees to take care of themselves and/or their loved ones when they are ill. Earned paid sick days is about promoting a healthy and strong work environment - not only for the people that work there, but also to benefit of the customers they welcome to their restaurant every day.

"I support earned paid sick days for all families". 
- Raquel Ayala Castro, small business owner of La Sombrita Restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Bottom Line: Earned Paid Sick Days Save Businesses Money

Decreased Turnover Percent: On average, replacing an employee costs 20% of the worker’s yearly income. Earned paid sick days reduce turnover, hiring and training costs.

Increased Productivity: When workers are sick, they are less productive. The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine estimates this loss in productivity costs our national economy at least $160 billion annually – which is even more than the cost for employees to miss days.

A Healthy Workplace: Employees who go to work sick risk getting co-workers and customers sick. This costs businesses money because workers have to stay home and it risks giving businesses a reputation of being unsanitary and unsafe.

Lower health care costs: Workers without earned paid sick days are twice as likely to go to the emergency room for routine medical care because they can’t visit a doctor during normal business hours. Further, they are 2.5 times more likely to seek emergency room care for their children or other relatives. These expensive ER visits end up replacing much less expensive routine medical appointments and preventive care, leading to higher health insurance costs for businesses.